With the modernization of the whole campus environment and the deepening of the internationalization process,the school toilet partition is not only the place of physiological metabolism,but also has aesthetic,cultural and other aspects of
Jan 09, 2018
We all know that the anti-octave is currently seen most of the partition,according to Hagrien careful staff observation,the school bathroom partition is not even anti-octave,but this year to the most popular metal bathroom partition,then we
Jan 06, 2018
The industry believes that in order to make our school toilet partition can be more durable,then,we must let the bathroom partition has a durable foundation.And this foundation is the toilet partition material.
Dec 22, 2017
The school is a special environment,Hagrien designed a bathroom partition for the school,effectively saving the bathroom space,the perfect solution to the narrow pattern of the bathroom,the bright light of the bathroom unobstructed for the
Nov 20, 2017
HG-006 University City is the three districts, one city and one area project planned by the government. That is, high tech industry zone, high-grade Central Business District, high quality residential area, University City and sightseeing b
Sep 30, 2017
HG-006 Tsinghua University (English Name: Tsinghua University), referred to as Tsinghua, was born in 1911, because it is located in the northwest suburbs of Beijing Tsinghua Yuan named. Tsinghua University [1] (Tsinghua University) is China
Sep 30, 2017
HG-003 Jiangsu Province Haimen middle school (Haimen Middle School, Jiangsu Province), referred to as the sea, is located in Jiangsu city of Nantong Province Haimen, Jiangsu province key middle school, Jiangsu province national model high s
Sep 30, 2017
HG-004 The first high school of Hengshui (Hengshui No.1 High School) was founded in August 2014, is a high school in Hengshui, Thailand company cooperation in the new private high school, the teachers, students, management, education and te
Sep 30, 2017
HG-002 The college is a full-time college established and approved by the Hebei Provincial Department of education. Since 2006, it has been listed as an inter provincial enrollment plan of the Ministry of education, and has been recruiting
Sep 30, 2017
HG-008 Well known real estate developer CapitaLand (China) Investment Co., Ltd., with a total construction area of 106303 square meters. The single storey building area of 3158.9 square meters, Bay Area: 300-2976 square meters, building a t
Sep 30, 2017