Aluminum honeycomb steel toilet partition of the creation,than other materials are durable lightweight aluminum honeycomb steel toilet partition,but also waterproof fire.Surface with electrostatic spraying technology coated with gold,can be
Jan 18, 2018
Exquisite Surface technology Metal toilet partition surface after fine polishing,plate surface formation,crystal clear,edge by pressing,welding connected into one,the surrounding cuttings must be carefully welded around the interface withou
Jan 16, 2018
Public toilet partition Accessories There are many in the market,there are plastic,nylon,stainless steel and other materials,we commonly should be nylon and stainless steel,may not understand the people will say that stainless steel is too
Jan 16, 2018
With the modernization of the whole campus environment and the deepening of the internationalization process,the school toilet partition is not only the place of physiological metabolism,but also has aesthetic,cultural and other aspects of
Jan 09, 2018
We all know that the anti-octave is currently seen most of the partition,according to Hagrien careful staff observation,the school bathroom partition is not even anti-octave,but this year to the most popular metal bathroom partition,then we
Jan 06, 2018
Hagrien Metal Toilet Partitions There are more than 200 types of closet closures deployed at home and abroad,of which 5 are designed for use in all types of closet closures worldwide.And become a world-renowned brand,well-developed 5 bathro
Dec 25, 2017
The industry believes that in order to make our school toilet partition can be more durable,then,we must let the bathroom partition has a durable foundation.And this foundation is the toilet partition material.
Dec 22, 2017
Recently,General Secretary Xi Jinping,Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission,made an important directive on the effectiveness of the tourism system in pushing forwar
Dec 02, 2017
Product design can be said that the basic skills of an enterprise,product design is good and bad will be directly mapped to the user experience,and even affect the users mood.Really good product design will make you feel comfortable,comfort
Dec 01, 2017
The school is a special environment,Hagrien designed a bathroom partition for the school,effectively saving the bathroom space,the perfect solution to the narrow pattern of the bathroom,the bright light of the bathroom unobstructed for the
Nov 20, 2017