Product:heaven and earth toilet partition Thickness:18mm,25mm,32mm,36mm Foot cover:SUS304 brushed stainless steel,a thickness of 1.0mm,a height of 100mm,700mm. Material:304 stainless steel high strength will not be deformed,with g
Feb 02, 2018
tainless steel toilet partition is currently the worlds most popular product,its design is not only practical and very delicate,the edge of the European standard semicircle cuttings series,breaking the traditional square-edge thinking,Hai G
Feb 02, 2018
Stainless steel bathroom partition was invented in the beginning of this century,a new type of material cut off,due to super corrosion-resistant stainless steel,excellent gloss,widely used in the construction,the quality of the steel bathro
Feb 02, 2018
Since the beginning of this century,the invention of stainless steel toilet partition,stainless steel modern material image and architectural application of the outstanding honor set in a,especially hagrien in the public health between the
Dec 22, 2017
Public toilets,as public places,come and go frequently used,resulting in toilet partition board is basically working at all times,so strong impact resistance is the first choice.Hagrien metal toilet partition car galvanized steel with fire
Nov 14, 2017
stainless steel public toilet partition Hagrien stainless steel public toilet partition,You can have the stainless steel without erosion,pitting,rust or wear provided,it can make structure components maintain the integrity of the engine
Oct 10, 2017