hagrien help China lunar landing plan
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  2017 is to achieve the"development of space industry,the construction of space power"goal of the key years,is the implementation of the"thirteen five"plan of the crucial year,but also the transformation of the five homes in the development of the year.Spring has passed,it is a year back to the earth,all things a good time to recover,but also we open the new year,seek the layout,continue to struggle a good time.In this spring,the five homes will be firm belief,to forge ahead,to ensure that the full year model launch mission success,to promote the dream of the early realization of space and make unremitting efforts.

  No 504 Institution of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is powerful in studying the satellite effective carrying system and plays an important role in many space activities in our country.
  The building for landing on moon in China space center adopts Hagrien The steel hanging wall and the metal partition in bathroom use the products of Carson
  An era has a theme of the times,a generation has a generation of mission.Change is the situation and the task,the same is the spirit of struggle,hard work.2017 years of the horn horn has been sounded,let us grow up the morale,agitation and determination,firm belief,and forge ahead,go all out to ensure that 2017 model research and production tasks a complete success for the early realization of"explore the vast universe,Aerospace business,Hagrien help landing plan,to achieve the dream of power