Hagrien memorabilia
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  1,2007 US Hagrien authorizedHagrienne mainland registered
  2,2007 Hagrien-set up a processing base in Guangzhou
  3,2007 Hagrien Chinese company as a metal bathroom partition industry representatives held a seminar in Beijing,(Luo and Beijing Intellectual Property Office Zhou see photo
  4,2008Hagrien-in the center of China.Xi'an set up a processing base to facilitate the national supply
  5,2008 Hagrien-Wenchuan earthquake Hai Ge Ruiren love
  6,2008 Hagrien-Luo total and the State Intellectual Property Office law enforcement office crackdown
  7,2008Hagrien-Olympic Project(Olympic Sports Center,Bird's Nest vip/Qingdao Sailing Competition)
  8,2010 Hagrien-Shanghai World Expo(delivery site picture)
  9,2010Hagrien-Shanghai World Expo will be the main hall and other museum outside the garden
  10/2010 Hagrien-Asia's largest military railway station Xi'an high-speed rail,thus the national high-speed rail to develop Hagrien
  11,2010 Hai Grenada Asian Games Guangzhou headquarters designated products.
  12,2011 Hagrien-glory Enterprise Management Center AAA level credit units!
  13,2011 Hagrien-GB/19001-2008DTIS9001 international quality system certification annual inspection approved!
  14,2011 Hagrien-become China's only green environmental protection association members
  15,2011Hagrien-the only supplier of strategic partnership with Bright Group metal cut off
  16,2011 Hagrien-the largest agent with Wuhan Iron and Steel-Wuhan Honghe Yi Liancheng strategic partner-car zinc alloy steel plate exclusive sales and Hagrien
  17,2011 Hagrien-with the world's largest powder plant Akzo Nobel Great Wall Company jointly stated that the use of exclusive;counterfeit fake products
  18,2011Hagrien-China,Xi'an World Expo Hall
  19,2011Hagrien-London Olympic Games signed delivery success
  20,2012 Hagrien-participating national architectural standards design origin 07SJ504-1 partition wall
  21,2012 Hagrien-to enter the London Olympic Games to become China's only designated metal bathroom cut off vendors(Luo total with the Olympic Games president Rogge photo)
  22,2012Hagrien-the 5th anniversary of the rotation of the sun and the moon
  23,2012 People's Daily Overseas Edition Special Report-Hagrien Enjoy International High-End Building Materials Leader
  24,2012 Hagrien-China Hagrien acquisition of the United States Hagrien trademark success
  25,2013 Hagrien-the mainstream supplier of the ninth(Beijing)International Expo main exhibition hall
  26,Dunhuang Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center bathroom partition with Hagrien 18mm slotted wood grain transfer products
  27,2014Hagrien and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed the national prison project using Helena series
  28,2015 France exhibition(first French Atomic Energy Agency Chairman)and Hagrien Luo total photo
  29,2016Hagrien-China Aerospace Center The landing building is made of Hagrien steel wall and metal bathroom
  30,2017 Hagrien-Samsung base settled in Xi'an Hagrien hand in hand!