Xi Guan,the mayor of Xian,said that toilet civilization is an important symbol to measure the civilization of a country and a city.Therefore,although the toilet is small,it is related to the peoples livelihood and it concerns the great civi
Mar 31, 2018
 Hagrien first electronic display toilet partition,intelligent access,through the toilet partition upper display can see this squatting has been used,more"humanized"service,more"high-end"design,indicating that the toilet partition will be
Jan 19, 2018
In the toilet decoration,partition decoration is considered one of the beginning,public health between partition can be effective use of space,chic and clever partition,but also to improve the appearance of the role.What materials should be
Jan 16, 2018
Hagrien toilet partition to meet the EU health sector supply plan production.
Jan 15, 2018
Since 2013,the German Government proposed the concept of Industrial 4.0,Chinas May 8,2015 officially launched theChina made 2025.Hagrien as one of the domestic toilet partition manufacturers,and actively respond to the national policy,in or
Jan 08, 2018
In todays Internet+trend of the times,enterprises in various industries are in the path of transformation and upgrading of the road to explore,the toilet partition manufacturers are of course no exception.Along with the enterprise transform
Jan 08, 2018
Korea Sports Center burst fire,anti-octave toilet partition is the culprit killer The fire department dispatched 49 fire and emergency vehicles,2 helicopters and 494 firefighters to the rescue after receiving the report.As the car park on t
Dec 23, 2017
As the leader of metal toilet partition manufacturers,the efforts made by the Hai Gelin toilet partition in the past few years are obvious and not only achieved excellent sales results in the domestic market,but also widely sought after in
Dec 18, 2017
Hagrien company was founded in 2000,since its establishment,has become a collection of technology research and development,cut off the design,mass production,installation and sales of integrated bathroom partition company.Hagrien headquarte
Dec 07, 2017
On March 28,2017,Hagrien Lo led the team to showcase new products at the Guangzhou Building Materials Expo.Hagrien metal bathroom partition opened the three African countries,respectively,in Nigeria,Kenya,South Africa held a show and promot
Nov 28, 2017