Wild goose pagoda
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  The big wild goose pagoda is located in the grand mercy temple of jinchang fang(south of xi'an city,shaanxi province).It is also known as the"mercy temple tower".Tang Yonghui three years(in 652),xuan zang to preserve the tianzhu books via the silk road back to changan Buddha presided over the wild goose pagoda,the first five floors,affix to the nine layer,then the layer number and height and change several times,finally fixed to see today the seven layers of the tower,Lao 64.517 meters,the bottom side length of 25.5 meters

  Wild goose pagoda inside toilet renovation hagrid Ryan with shaanxi culture together hand in hand to create,marked by ancient architecture of great wild goose pagoda,the defender hine designers combine the ancient style to create exquisite generous toilet partition,made the image of the wild goose pagoda with built-in cultural heritage,and base material are from the world top 500 enterprises,by environmental protection bureau authorization for the green products.Hagrid's technology has reached the world's level of expertise.