Terra Cotta Warriors
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  The museum of terracotta warriors and horses is an address museum built on the site of the terracotta warriors.Since the opening of the museum on October 1,1979,the spring breeze has been showered with the country's reform and opening up,and after arduous pioneering work,it has achieved remarkable achievements and has become a world-famous large and important museum.The terracotta warriors have been honored as"the eighth wonder of the world"and"one of the great discoveries in the archaeological history of the twentieth century".

  Qin shihuang terracotta warriors as a world-class museum,in the bathroom at the beginning of the planning and construction,the state administration of cultural heritage and the strict inspection by the country of administration of cultural heritage in Shannxi Province eventually selected hagrid Ryan toilet partition,hagrid Ryan has 16 years of engineering experience,has the ability to the color of the fusion of the qinshihuang terracotta warriors style design unique artistic conception,and base material are from the world top 500 enterprises,pass the epa inspection without any harmful substances,by environmental protection bureau authorization for the green products.Hagrid's technology has reached the world level.