Xi Guan,the mayor of Xian,said that toilet civilization is an important symbol to measure the civilization of a country and a city.Therefore,although the toilet is small,it is related to the peoples livelihood and it concerns the great civi
Mar 31, 2018
 Hagrien first electronic display toilet partition,intelligent access,through the toilet partition upper display can see this squatting has been used,more"humanized"service,more"high-end"design,indicating that the toilet partition will be
Jan 19, 2018
In the toilet decoration,partition decoration is considered one of the beginning,public health between partition can be effective use of space,chic and clever partition,but also to improve the appearance of the role.What materials should be
Jan 16, 2018
Hagrien toilet partition to meet the EU health sector supply plan production.
Jan 15, 2018
  Hagrien according to the hospital environment,the toilet partition must be"anti-corrosion""Air unimpeded""Easy cleaning"as the selection criteria.Metal toilet partition is currently the most suitable for the hospital toilet partition m
Jan 15, 2018
The public health room plays an important role in life,speaking of public health is to talk about the toilet partition,it occupies an important position in the toilet,and now the toilet partition still have to play the effect of dress,so th
Jan 13, 2018
What kind of product should be chosen for the toilet partition of the shopping mall?This also needs to make a judgment from the specific environment of the store.So,what kind of environmental characteristics is the market? As a mall,the fir
Jan 13, 2018
In the European and American developed countries in the public health gap in the installation,according to statistical data show that 90%of places generally use metal as a public health gap between the material.What makes these countries so
Jan 09, 2018
A quality to meet the requirements of the toilet partition board can not only make us comfortable to use,but also to a certain extent,reduce our partition maintenance costs.So,how should we define our partition installation quality? If we w
Jan 09, 2018
In view of the various parts of the Chinese market after 18MM,Hagrien has developed 18MM thick metal plates to match the 18MM thick parts of any product.It provides a wide choice for professional designers,architects and owners.
Jan 08, 2018